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Products by Hometown Trolley
  • Villager Trolley Bus

    The Villager is our original trolley design, which was introduced over 34 years ago. From private tour operators to fixed routes in downtown areas, the Villager is sure to bring classic style to any location. The Villager can be produced with elegant vintage features such as spiral brass,... Read More
  • Streetcar Trolley Bus

    The Streetcar Trolley model combines the nostalgic features of the turn of the century passenger cable car with the modern technology of today’s transit advancements. The Streetcar Trolley is a powerhouse heavy duty trolley capable of running in any mass transit, high passenger capacity... Read More
  • Carriage Trolley Bus

    Our Carriage model offers equipment like GPS route tracking, flat screen DVD systems, LED destination signs, full electric propulsion, and many more optional equipment features. This light-duty trolley is available in standard straight-rail chassis or the unique and innovative low-floor design.... Read More
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