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Denver, CO 80209
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  • Aero-K Aerosol Fire Suppression System,NFPA Standard 2010,UL tested and Approved and Listed to Standard 2775. Aero-K is environmentally friendly, non oxygen depleting system,works off smoke detection electrical system with a fire panel;lockouts, computer/server/rooms, wireless remote locations. Rooms do not have to be 100% sealed Aero-K has a 10 Year shelf Life. Easily Removed/Reinstalled. Very Cost effective, requires little maintenance.

    Peripherals has a complete line of server furniture and racks to fit your every need, degaussers, portable air conditioners, and UPS power supplies.
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Products by Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Aero-k Aerosol Fire Protection

    Aero-K® is an Aerosol Fire Protection product for computer server rooms, telecommunication rooms, electrical cabinets, wind turbines, marine, and a host of similar applications. Included is a recent press release and product brochure explaining the benefits and use of Aero-K®. The most... Read more
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  • Fire Suppression Systems 101 By

    In an environment where Prevention and Suppression of fire hasn’t changed much in the last two decades, there is a new technology known as Aerosol Extinguishing or Aero-K®. The Aero-K® aerosol Extinguishing, (100 percent green), has emerged in the last few years in North American markets. It is... Read more
  • How to Choose a Fire Suppression System for Your Server Room, Data Center, or NOC By

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