Cryogel®: Potential Solution for Ultra-Cold COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

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BORDENTOWN, NJ, Dec. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Pacor, Inc., ( a leading fabricator of insulation solutions for OEM and Industrial Applications, is proud to announce that Cryogel® can extend the sub ambient temperature stability substantially longer than dry ice and traditional insulation materials.

The recent news announcements of the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines are very encouraging. One particular vaccine, however, requires Ultra-Cold (-70 C) temperatures for transport and storage.

If your company manufactures containers, boxes or coolers for storing or transporting medical supplies like vaccines, the news also made clear that is a large challenge for small or rural medical clinics and facilities.

These facilities have limited resources, personnel and access to dry ice, especially during a dry ice supply shortage and increased competition to acquire the scant amount available.                                                                                                    

How does your company produce a storage container that can stay at -70 C degrees for significant periods of time?

How can your company's containers assist these remote medical facilities that need to replenish dry ice every 5 days, in order to maintain this temperature and not threaten viability of the vaccine?

Pacor has a solution for you: Cryogel insulation. Cryogel® is made specifically for sub ambient and cryogenic applications. Cryogel® can extend the sub ambient temperature stability substantially longer than the 5 days expected from using dry ice with traditional insulation materials

Pacor can custom fabricate Cryogel® to fit any type of container, box or cooler.

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