BAE Systems HybriDrive
Products by Safety Brake Set Inc.
  • 701 Series Brake Alert Systems

    Safety Brake Set systems come in a variety of configurations depending on a customer's specific needs or application. Here are some of the most common warning systems available. SBS 701D Kit A cost effective kit designed to alert the driver if the parking or emergency brake is not set and... Read More
  • 701WM Safety Brake Set & Alert System

    The SBS 701WM is designed to set the parking brake when the driver opens the door of a stopped vehicle without first setting the parking brake. If the vehicle is in motion and the driver opens the door a Red LED will flash and a alarm will sound warning the driver that the door is open and the... Read More
  • 1012DB Series Brake Set System

    Replace manually setting the parking brake valve with the SBS 1012DB Series Brake Set System. This system is designed to "Set" the parking brake when two or more conditions exist. Generally, when the passenger door is opened and the vehicle is stopped or is traveling less than two mph The SBS... Read More