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About REI

U.S.-based REI® designs, engineers and services innovative, customizable solutions and electronics for the transportation industry. We integrate hardware and software to develop advanced solutions for mobile video surveillance, stop-arm monitoring, driver assistance, cloud-based fleet management and passenger information/entertainment. These solutions promote safety, efficiency and growth within your operations.

Among our staff is a team of more than 30 engineers and technical support personnel with expertise in software, hardware, firmware and mechanical development.

REI believes collaboration is key to your operational success. We discuss your objectives and expectations at length to facilitate satisfaction.

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Products by REI


Deter violators and protect your students with manual or automated stop-arm solutions by REI. Each captures legible, high-definition images of violators’ license plates, day and night. The images may be sent manually to law enforcement for review or sent automatically to our solutions partner... Read more »


REI’s two software solutions simplify fleet and surveillance management, saving time and money for your operations. With their advanced features, users receive fleet data and event video to improve safety and efficiency. REI’s Video Management Software (VMS) is complimentary with your... Read more »


Solution: Safety REI wide-angle HD surveillance cameras, 1080p DVRs and innovative fleet management software integrate seamlessly to mitigate risk and advance fleet safety. Interior and exterior surveillance solutions may be customized for full bus coverage or specific zone views. Capture... Read more »

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