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By Baultar Concept, Inc.

Freight Industry - Cab Flooring and Transit Industry - Transit Car Flooring Abrastop™ Floor covering for transportation vehicule. The full life cycle expectations of ABRASTOP™ covering, the low cost of maintenance and lack of need for repairs; all combine to make this an economical... Read more »

By Aldon Company, Inc.

Item #: 4123-148 ◾ Mat comes in 100 foot lengths 59" wide for inside rails. ◾ Absorption capacity: 60 gallons. Weight 70 lbs. Read more »

By Aldon Company, Inc.

Item #: 4123-149 19" wide panels for field sides of track (set of 2). Absorption capacity: 25 gallons. Provides absorbency and drip protection under railcars for a wide variety of petroleum-based products. Three-ply construction consists of top layer of needle-punched polypropylene felt, a... Read more »

By Rosco, Inc.

The AccuStyle® Series mirrors combine the functionality of the EuroStyle® Series with the unique engineering capability to also be retrofitted to old or new “Loop” style arms. The AccuStyle® mirrors can be mounted on two-point, upright or overhang arms. Although employing light weight materials... Read more »

By InsulTech LLC

Our acoustical insulation composites are designed to control, dampen, direct and/or eliminate noise. These composite include foam, low-density fiberglass, vinyl barriers and a variety of facings. Enhanced surface treatments such as embossed polyester, perforated vinyl and urethane matte can... Read more »

By Visual Marking Systems Inc

Visual Marking Systems understands how important it is for your transit authority to be compliant with federal regulations and requirements that ensure your passengers’ safety. We’re experts in meeting these requirements, and we’ll work with your transit authority to make sure you become... Read more »

By HARTING Inc. of North America

Eliminate the need for different cut out sizes. Adapter Plates are available in 6B, 10B, and 16B size connectors that can be placed over a size 24B. Read more »

By Enseicom Inc.

Ad Column, Parking Booth, Bicycle Rack, Ad Box, Billboard, Digital Billboard Network. Read more »

By Brasco International, Inc.

Advertising displays can be constructed as two-sided lit walls and are available on all of the Brasco shelter models. These advertising displays are constructed with UL listed components and housed in an aluminum display box. Shelters and advertising displays can be outfitted with LED... Read more »

By Tolar Mfg. Co. Inc.

Tolar's line of advertising displays dramatically showcases advertising messages and directory information. From concept to completion, we deliver a product that enhances your community and that matches the architectural aesthetics of your environment. Consider the benefits of Tolar... Read more »

By Lacor Streetscape

A valuable revenue resource for transit agencies, municipalities, business owners and institutional facilities is offered in a multitude of advertising shelters, kiosks and benches. Read more »

By Schaefer, Inc.

1500W of rugged DC/AC inversion featuring an input range of 24-41VDC for locomotive convenience plug applications. Read more »

By Warner Electric

A device attached to the AC Compressor that aids in the consistent engagement of the AC Compressor cycle Read more »

By Haldex Brake Products Corp.

Haldex air treatment products work individually or in combination to minimize the build-up of water, oil and other contaminants while minimizing maintenance. Contaminants in the system clog valves, deteriorate rubber parts and wash away much needed system lubricants. This leads to corrosion,... Read more »

By Aldon Company, Inc.

Item #: 4124-60 Jaw opening 2-3/8" fits hex nut on railcar air line. Weight: 9 lbs Read more »

By Aldon Company, Inc.

Item #: 4124-60 Jaw opening 2-3/8" fits hex nut on railcar air line. 9 lbs Read more »

By Shure-Step Safety Step Stools

Shure-Step is a stackable safety step rated at 500 pounds that has many uses; Seniors, bariatric patients, bus, train, aircraft and transportation drivers, warehouse workers, mechanics, and technicians benefit from the stability and strength of the Shure-Step. Shure-Steps have a non-slip... Read more »

By Aldon Company, Inc.

Item #: 4022-10 ◾ Measure up to 2 inches gauge variation while walking down the track. ◾ Spring-action telescopic assembly expands and contracts as gauge changes. ◾ Worker can read gauge while walking by looking down at a lens and gauge scale. ◾ Steel roller bearings measure... Read more »

By Aldon Company, Inc.

Item #: 4123-71 ◾ Lift 39 foot section of railroad "T" rail up to 155 lbs./yd. ◾ Do not drag rail. Lift only. ◾ Capacity 6,000 lbs. Weight 72 lbs. Read more »

By Aldon Company, Inc.

Item #: 4022-12 ◾ Attaches with Velcro to our: Economy Rolling Track Gauge Reader (Item #: 4022-10) and Roadmaster Rolling Gauge Reader (Item #: 4022-14). ◾ Liquid crystal display has 1/2" numerals readable from 10 feet away. ◾ Measures elevation in 10ths of an inch per foot. Weight... Read more »

By Aldon Company, Inc.

Item #: 4025-02 ◾ Two-piece construction reduces carrying weight. ◾ Deck of expanded metal provides a non-skid surface. ◾ Cart comes with U-shaped push handle. ◾ Wheels are 6" dia. aluminum with insulated bearings. ◾ Deck 49" wide" x 50" long. For use on flat track only. Always push cart,... Read more »

By Ecolane North America

The Ecolane Skill for Alexa enables riders to book, change, and review upcoming trips by using a hands-free, voice-controlled device with a small built-in speaker. There are no buttons to push or small screens to read. Just tell Alexa what you want to do. Some of the main features... Read more »

By Ed Fagan Inc.

Alloy 42 Controlled Expansion Alloy, also know as Pernifer 42, NILO 42, Glass-Seal 42, is a Nickel Iron controlled expansion alloy with 42% Nickel, and the remaining balance Iron. Alloy 42 is used in a wide variety of electronic applications, lead frames, especially for glass and ceramic... Read more »

By Ed Fagan Inc.

Alloy 46 Controlled Expansion Alloy , also know as Pernifer 46, NILO 46, Glass-Seal 46, is a Nickel Iron alloy with 46% Nickel, and the remaining balance Iron. Alloy 46 is used in a wide variety of electronic applications. Alloy 46 is especially useful in glass to metal and ceramic sealing... Read more »

By Ed Fagan Inc.

Alloy 52 Controlled Expansion Alloy, also know as Pernifer 50, NILO 50, Glass-Seal 52, is a Nickel Iron alloy with 51% Nickel, and the remaining balance Iron. Alloy 52 is used in a wide variety of electronic applications. Alloy 52 is especially useful in glass to metal sealing applications that... Read more »

By Aldon Company, Inc.

Item #: 4025-03 ◾ Constructed of 6061T6 alloy aluminum. ◾ Deck area 48" square expanded aluminum grid. ◾ Wheels are 6" dia. aluminum insulated. ◾ Parking brake for safety. For use on flat track only. Always push cart, never pull. 5,000 lbs. capacity (yet each cart-half weighs 49... Read more »

By Amerex

Amerex products include a full range of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers. Fire suppression systems for restaurant, industrial, off-road vehicle, transit vehicle, clean agent, and methane gas detection applications. Products made in U.S.A. Amerex is an ISO 9001 and 14001 registered firm. Read more »

By Absolute Bus Sales

We are proud to announce that we are now a dealer for Ameritrans Buses for Sale. Shuttle Buses, Mid Size Buses and Para Transit Buses built by Ameritrans are designed with generous leg and headroom and large touring windows. Every bus manufactured with quality fabrics and components to meet our... Read more »

By Haldex Brake Products Corp.

Provides More Responsive and Precise Braking Control Exclusive control logic, Haldex Select Low/High protocol (SLH), allows Haldex PLC Select to cycle deeper and recover faster Differences in wheel conditions are sensed, automatically adjusting the ABS to maintain proper braking characteristics... Read more »

By Clever Devices Ltd.

APC Reporting - Rail

Collect, analyze and report on ridership data collected from a variety of sources. Designed for use by light rail and commuter rail agencies of all sizes. Automated Ridership Reporting Making service decisions without accurate data leads to poor decision-making. Collecting ridership data... Read more »

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By Glaval Bus a Division of Forest River, Inc.

When hotels, municipalities, airports, shuttle and transit operators are looking high quality, durability and superior handling, the Apollo is the obvious choice. Built on an MB55 Freightliner chassis, it has an ergonomic cockpit, seating up to 40 passengers and a full range of floorplans and... Read more »

By Genfare

Touch screen computer with built-in receipt printer simplifies administrator task of selling or upgrading smart cards -Integrated touch screen computer with a built-in receipt printer -Touch interface with easy to read, simple screens -Fare media support, including: MIFARE DESFire EV1 smart... Read more »

By Esri

ArcGIS Mobile helps organizations deliver GIS capabilities and data from centralized servers to a range of mobile devices. You can use ArcGIS Mobile to deploy intuitive and productive mobile GIS applications to increase the accuracy and improve the currency of GIS data across your... Read more »

By Esri

ArcGIS Online provides a common platform to find, share, and organize geographic content and to build GIS applications. Through, the Web interface for ArcGIS Online, you can access maps, apps, and tools published by Esri and other GIS users, and share your own content with a broad... Read more »

By Esri

ArcGIS Server is a complete and integrated server-based geographic information system (GIS). It comes with out-of-the-box, end user applications and services for spatial data management, visualization, and spatial analysis. ArcGIS Server offers open access to extensive GIS capabilities that... Read more »

By Esri

Save with ArcLogistics Routing Software. ArcLogistics helps you create optimized routes and schedules based on multiple factors such as customer needs, business rules, vehicle traits, and street restrictions. Use ArcLogistics routing software to plan your routes, cut your fleet costs, improve... Read more »

By Arctic Air Snow Removal System LLC

The Arctic Air Snow Removal System offers a fast and convenient way to remove snow from large vehicles. Trailers, small and large, Buses weather they are School,Transit or coaches. The machine comes in 2 convenient models 1. Permanent which can be directed wired and kept in a specific... Read more »

By Chempace Corp.

Aroma Blast is a hanging air freshener. Hang it from a variety of objects, like a stall door stop, toilet handle or anywhere on a motorcoach where you want added fragrance. Also works well in standard fan cabinets. Environmentally friendly. Fragrances: Mango, Spiced Apple and... Read more »

By Brasco International, Inc.

ATM/Equipment Brasco shelters are often used to enclose mailboxes, monitoring equipment, vending machines and bike racks. The use of these shelters is limited only to the imagination. Our anodized aluminum construction with stainless steel connections has a long, useful life, requires little... Read more »

By ATRO Engineered Systems, Inc.

ATRO's two piece rods and torque rod bushings feature free-rotation pin. Just rotate the pin to the proper angle without pre-stressing the bushing for easy installation. No costly set up as ends, centers and torque rod bushings use same installation/removal tool you are already using. ATRO also... Read more »

By ATRO Engineered Systems, Inc.

These ATRO products are backed by an extended warranty. These bushings feature ATRO's free-rotation design to eliminate stress from bushing material, giving the bushings LONGER LIFE. The chemically resistant polyurethane material is immune to contamination from road salt, acidic cleaning... Read more »

By ATRO Engineered Systems, Inc.

ATRO introduces the LP50-24179 Bolster Spring Kit for Hendrickson Haulmaxx suspensions (all models). These springs feature a mechanical bond between polyurethane and plates, providing improved bond strength. Read more »

By ATRO Engineered Systems, Inc.

ATRO's Mack pads last longer. The low rebound keeps plate from shearing away from the pad, reducing cab damage and T-leaf breakage, resulting in a smoother ride. Read more »

By Chempace Corp.

Aurazone is a concentrated liquid masking spray that is used to kill malodors and destroy airborn odor in a variety of applications. Use as concentrate, simply spray it on the designed area and it starts working immediately or dilute up to 50% with water and use as a washdown. Fragrances and... Read more »

By DILAX Systems Inc

<ul><li>APC data acquisition, data transmission and comprehensive data analysis</li><li>Customer specific data transmission solutions including wireless LAN, GSM, radio, etc.</li><li>Web-enabled reporting software</li></ul> Read more »

By Haldex Brake Products Corp.

By constantly maintaining optimum brake lining-to-drum clearance, Haldex ABAs reduce stopping distances and increase driver control and confidence under all conditions. Optimum brake adjustment helps prevent uneven tire and brake wear; reducing operating expenses and downtime costs. It’s the... Read more »

By ATR Transmission Remanufacturing, Inc.

ATR provides All models of Fleet Transmissions Allison Transmission® AT, MT, HT, MD, HD, B, and 1000/2000 Series Lighty-Duty Car & Truck Transmissions General Motors – Ford – Chrysler Import Truck Transmissions Mitsubishi – Isuzu – Hino – Sprinter – UD Off-Highway Industrial... Read more »

By Prevost

The 612 Auxiliary lamp mounts to the bumper and is wired in with your brake lights and will strobe up to five seconds upon depression of the brake pedal and then will become a solid tail light. Studies show that strobing lights shorten driver reaction time by 0.2 seconds at 50 mph which equates... Read more »

By Proheat

Proheat X45 is a powerful, diesel-powered school bus pre-heating solution for quick and reliable cold weather starting. The heater becomes part of the school bus heating system, supplying added heat for passengers while reducing fuel costs and emissions from unnecessary engine idling. An... Read more »