LoRiser Lift announces new Wheel Service Lift for Sanitation Trucks

Press Release from LoRiser Lifts

Johns Island, SC • October 3, 2013

LoRiser Lift, a specialty manufacturer of environmentally friendly in-ground lifts for brake, tire, axle, and suspension work, has introduced a lift specifically for Sanitation Trucks.

Design features of this new lift allow “setup” and “teardown” in 1 - 2 minutes instead of the 40 - 60 minutes required using conventional floor jacks and axle stands. Improved operator safety is an added benefit of the LoRiser2.

LoRiser2 provides a low cost alternative to full height in-ground lifts in vehicle maintenance shops for use in wheel and suspension service applications. Its unique design lifts tandem axle trucks by the walking beam instead of the axles.

The design allows the user to simultaneously raise all eight rear wheels clear of the floor and have them ready to be removed in about one minute. LoRiser2 uses a proven, environmentally friendly design with only 2 - 3 gallons of hydraulic fluid in the entire system. The fluid reservoir is located above the shop floor inside the control console.

LoRiser President John Burt points out that the LoRiser2 is the ideal addition for sanitation maintenance shops looking to optimize their equipment package. Burt also states “More shops are using portable column lifts today for general maintenance than ever. However, portables are not well suited for wheel service work. By adding LoRiser2 for their brake and tire work, they will have the most efficient combina- tion of lifting equipment possible. LoRiser’s time savings allow a 1 to 2 year payback on investment, an added short and long term benefit.”

The standard LoRiser2 package includes a fixed rear vault for lifting the rear of the vehicle by the walking beam (60,000# capacity), and a control console. An additional vault with a moveable post (30,000# capacity), which lifts the front axle of the vehicle, is available as an upgrade.

Additional information and a video showing the lift in operation is available on the company website: www.LoRiserlift.com. For more information, contact Ed Wages, V.P. of Sales, at [email protected] or (888) 996 - 7426.

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