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About Ron Turley Associates, Inc. ("RTA") Fleet Maintenance Software

RTA is a leader in the fleet management business. Ron Turley founded RTA based on his success as UPS’ National Director of Maintenance–saving UPS millions in fleet operations. Save your operation money with RTA's proven system.

RTA has developed one of the most comprehensive, flexible, and easy-to-use fleet management systems available.

RTA’s commitment to providing advanced technology supporting the fleet maintenance industry remains constant.

Since its inception, the RTA system has grown exponentially to stay ahead of changing technology and advancements within the fleet industry.

RTA has you covered. RTA welcomes suggestions from its client base to boost the software’s features and annual upgrades.

Feature-rich modules, customizable software, and scalable solutions make RTA your ideal fleet management software vendor.

Improve productivity through attention to detail and accurate data collection.

Leverage RTA's experience.

Efficient Solutions...Effective Results

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Products by Ron Turley Associates, Inc. ("RTA") Fleet Maintenance Software

By Ron Turley Associates, Inc. ("RTA") Fleet Maintenance Software

The RTA Fleet Maintenance Software is the most feature-rich software package available on the market, yet it is affordably priced to fit your budget! If you have a single fleet maintenance location, or several hundred, RTA offers an "off-the-shelf" fleet maintenance software solution that fits -... Read more »

By Ron Turley Associates, Inc. ("RTA") Fleet Maintenance Software

Construction Fleets have their own set of problems that make it much more difficult to manage. Multiple job-sites, off site repairs, and heavy-duty abuse add a level of complexity to managing the Construction fleet. RTA “feels your pain” and can offer you a great solution to your issues.... Read more »

By Ron Turley Associates, Inc. ("RTA") Fleet Maintenance Software

Managing a utility fleet is a demanding job no matter how you slice it. Whether you have a fleet of repair trucks (plumbers, electricians, lawn crew, etc) of you are a major Electrical utility with cherry pickers and tool trucks - the diversity of your fleet and your equipment is a special need... Read more »

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