Columbia Equipment Co. Inc.

180-10 93rd Avenue
Jamaica, NY 11433-1480

About Columbia Equipment Co. Inc.

Columbia Equipment Company, Inc. is a manufacturer of bus stop shelters, transit shelters, train station shelters, advertising shelters, smoking shelters, parking pay station shelters, ATM enclosures, benches, kiosks and other prefabricated shelters and enclosures. Columbia shelters are in use in thousands of locations – in all 50 states – including Alaska and Hawaii, and many other locations all around the world. Columbia not only builds shelters, but also designs, installs and maintains them as well. Its shelters are among the most easily installed, weatherproof, vandal-resistant and maintenance-free shelters available.

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Products by Columbia Equipment Co. Inc.

By Columbia Equipment Co. Inc.

Popular Standard Model Shelters Standard model shelters are our most popular shelter style. One of the more attractive attributes to standard model shelters is the price. Standard shelters are designed to be extremely sturdy while keeping materials to a minimum which saves you money. These... Read more »

By Columbia Equipment Co. Inc.

Train stations require transient protection from the elements as they wait. Columbia Equipment Inc. has been building train station shelters for many years now. We are the first company to build pre-fabricated shelter systems in the area. You can count on us to design and build the perfect train... Read more »

By Columbia Equipment Co. Inc.

Shelters from Columbia Equipment include its pre-fabricated advertising shelters, old-fashioned style transit shelters, multi-modular shelters, smoking shelters, train station shelters and more. Read more »

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