Safety Vision’s RoadRecorder® 8000 Mobile Network Video Recorder is now a Milestone Certified Solution

Press Release from Safety Vision

HOUSTON - Safety Vision, LLC, a leader in mobile video surveillance innovation, announced today their forthcoming RoadRecorder® 8000 network video recorder has been certified to work with Milestone System’s powerful XProtect IP video surveillance software.   XProtect is an industry-leading solution that enables the management of large-scale network IP camera installations, such as airports, mass transit facilities, retail centers and other buildings.   The ability to scale and customize allows XProtect to be the perfect surveillance system for any size business or agency.

Leveraging 20 years of experience in the mobile surveillance industry, Safety Vision has designed the next generation RoadRecorder 8000 network video recorder to integrate seamlessly into the Milestone XProtect system.   Milestone customers can now add up to 36 cameras per vehicle with their stationary cameras.   Transit agencies can watch as riders enter a terminal, board a bus or train, and then depart at their stop.   Law enforcement and first responders are now able to add mobile views to stationary city surveillance, recording the complete narrative of events and enhancing critical evidence.

“I am really excited about this incredible solution,” said Lucius McCelvey, Safety Vision Account Executive.   “We always like to offer the latest innovations, and I am proud that we are among the first mobile providers to offer Milestone integration.   We used all of our knowledge in this industry to design a recording server that is built to withstand the abuse of the mobile environment.   It’s a ruggedized, fanless design that can be adapted to nearly any moving vehicle.”

The RoadRecorder 8000 was recently installed on the fleet of Bradford Airport Logistics.   With a global presence, Bradford manages an incredibly large amount of mobile assets and naturally uses the XProtect system.   They are now able to track packages from their warehouse, as it’s loaded onto a truck, track it in transit, and watch as it is successfully delivered to its destination.   Benjamin Richter, CEO and Founder of Bradford, sees the value added to their XProtect system.   “The RoadRecorder 8000 totally compliments our system by providing a mobile view beyond just our warehouses and facilities, enhancing security and safety.   Our system administrators will be able to take advantage of features they might not have used yet in XProtect.”

Safety Vision looks forward to introducing the benefits of the RoadRecorder 8000 to advanced surveillance installations worldwide.

About Safety Vision, LLC 

Safety Vision is among the most recognized vendors of mobile video surveillance products in North America since 1993.  Our solutions continually enhance vehicular safety in both the private and public sectors.   Safety Vision’s product offering includes digital video recorders, network video recorders, hybrid video recorders, analog and IP cameras, rear vision cameras, as well as a suite of intuitive software.   Safety Vision prides itself on its forward-thinking ideology, comprehensive solutions, extensive client list, and proven results.   Please contact us at or 800-880-8855.

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