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  • Charge Air Cooler

    Grayson's fully brazed charge air cooler offers superior thermal performance compared with other makes. Our EXT range, utilising micro channel extruded tube technology, allows us to offer high thermal performance whilst meeting the important Charge Air ΔP specified by engine manufacturers. Read More
  • Cooling Module

    Grayson can deliver a fully assembled cooling module which includes coolant radiator, charge air cooler, steel framework, fan shroud, fan and hydraulic fan drive (where requested). Read More
  • Heater Coil

    The latest product to come out of the R&D section is a one shot braze cab air heater coil. It has been fully pressure tested and thermally validated in line with Grayson's usual exacting standards and it is available in a number of lengths. Its superior thermal efficiency and ability to... Read More
  • Oil Coolers

    Grayson can offer a range of off the shelf, fully developed and tested oil to water heat exchangers, developed to meet a range of applications and duties. Whether cooling transmission, engine or hydraulic oil we can help you make the right technical decision. Our calculation service allows us... Read More
  • Online Catalogue

    You can now browse Grayson's wide range of products through our online catalogue. Visit Read More
  • Orion VII Cooling Pack

    Grayson have developed a cooling module for the Orion VII vehicle using their revolutionary Cassette 2 Plus Technology. The Cassette 2 Plus allows operators to remove the radiator and charge air cooler in under two hours without the need to remove the whole cooling pack. The Orion VII design... Read More
  • Radiator

    Grayson manufactures radiators in both traditional copper brass and aluminum. Our “All Aluminum Heavy Duty Radiators” have been designed to offer a durable solution for use in more arduous operating conditions, where lightweight constructions cannot deliver the reliability required. Grayson... Read More
  • Silicone Hose

    All Grayson silicone hoses are made from 100% silicone. This high quality silicone provides increased pressure tolerance and longevity against high temperatures. Polyester reinforcements are embedded into the silicone to provide maximum strength and durability during use. A unique silicone... Read More
  • Thermal Resistor

    Grayson have developed a revolutionary new product for heating hybrid vehicles. Our innovative system uses waste battery power to efficiently provide cab heating, eliminating the need for an additional diesel-powered heater. The result enables the vehicle to use less fuel, emit lower levels of... Read More

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