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Products by Bitimec Bus & Light Railcar Washing Machines
  • Model 626-EZ Battery Bus Truck Washing Equipment

    Our Battery Powered 626-EZ Bus Washer is ideal for indoor or outdoor washing of school and transit buses, vans, RVs Let this high tech BUS WASH ON WHEELS do all the work. The operator simply walks the machine around the vehicle while IT does all the work. All systems are push button for... Read More
  • Model 101-ST Electric Bus Truck and Van Wash Machine

    The electric 101-ST is ideal for washing trucks, school and transit buses, trailers and RVs in a dedicated indoor or outdoor wash bay. This model comes in 220/380/440V, 50/60Hz Power Supply in single or three phase. It needs to be tethered to a water and electricity source and can be installed... Read More
  • Model A225-EZ Diesel Bus Truck Wash System

    A-225-EZ Diesel powered self contained wash system. Ideal for 24/7 outdoor washing of trucks, trailers, vans, school and transit buses, RVs and luxury coaches. Work anywhere 24 hours a day 7 days a week with this autonomous power brush. The operator uses the hand accelerator to power the... Read More
Clients of Bitimec Bus & Light Railcar Washing Machines
    • SEA-TAC
    • MTA New York
    • MARTA GA
    • ABC-Companies
    • Everett WA
    • Academy Tours