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About Acorel

Acorel has been specialized in real-time turnkey solutions for automatic people counting based on most accurate technologies for analysis of the people flow since 1989.

The Acorel automatic counting solution relies on sensors installed on the vehicle doors, which record the number of passengers getting on and off in real time. The data collected, enhanced by other systems are then processed and analyzed by the software, which produces standardized or custom reports.

Our solutions help you to:
- Fight against fraud
- Manage and optimize the transport network and human resources
- Ensure a fair distribution of revenue
- Informs passenger in real time
- Factual arguments for your communications

The high-precision stereoscopic sensor works just like the human eye. Thanks to 2 different cameras, it creates a 3D image. An algorithmic analysis of images in real time makes it possible to follow any movements in the detection field.

Vertical counting with up to over 98% accuracy
Only 1 sensor per access point
Unaffected by people stopping Proof of accuracy through videos

Computer vision can also be used in vehicles, on station and on platforms.

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