Products by Optibus

  • The Optibus Platform

    Our algorithms and technology are truly powerful. Powerful enough for super-fast results. It takes minutes (or fractions of minutes) to create and evaluate complex scenarios that used to take hours or even days. With speed at your side, you can run many “what-if” scenarios in minutes, with ample... Read More
  • Rostering

    Optibus brings its super speed optimization to rostering, saving excessive manual work and allowing you to meet your business goals. The ability to optimize rosters quickly – in seconds or minutes – makes for better outcomes for drivers and the transit operation as a whole. Easily set the rules... Read More
  • Optibus for Public Transportation Operators

    In a changing world of mobility, operators need the technology and software that enable them to modernize and stay ahead of the curve, offering a competitive service. Operators need to be able to quickly bid for and win tenders; adjust routes and offerings and stay competitive and modern,... Read More

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